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Conga Se Menne Products

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Yah! CD
Our 5th album produced by Derrell Syria faturing Upper Peninsula, Slippin' & Slidin' on Boulders, Another One Gets the Lead, Here Come That Snow Again, Long Johns, Wider sauna Pale, Boogie Man, Enough is Enough, and Yah!
Side By Each CD
Our 4th album produced by Derrell Syria featuring Conga Se Menne, Heikki Lunta, Stuck In My Driveway, Night Crawler and The Fisherman, Les Boy, Kitikan Jussi, Sisu, All I Want For Hunting Season, and Side by Each.
Living Inna Northern Paradise CD
Our 3rd album produced by Derrell Syria featuring Living Inna Northern Paradise, Baha Poika, Happy Summertime, Born in the U.P. Ay!, Ain't No Fishes, Highway Cruisin', Taking a Break, Make It Snow, Rudy Gotta Brand New John Deere, and Hyvää Kesää.
Finnish Reggae and Other Sauna Beats/Land of the Conga Boys CD
Featuring these hit titles: Mushing, Sauna Song, I'm From South Marquette, Me and Eino, West U.P. Town, Gain's Rock, Suomalainen Poika Blues, Guess Who's Coming to Sauna, Sponge Bunny, and Finnish Shodisch. AND Land of the Conga Boys featuring these hit titles: Aurinko Paista (The Sun is Shining), Superior, Backwoods Road, Sampi Joki (Sturgeon River), U.P. Boy, Look Who's Sitting in the Sauna, As If, We go Green Bay, Out to the Blind, Talikkala Schodisch/Tule Tytto Tansii. Our first two releases totally remastered!
Conga Se Menne Greatest Hits DVD
Enjoy listening to our greatest hits as much as we enjoy playing them.

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